What is Baltic LARP Fest?

Baltic LARP Fest – is an entertainment event based on live action role-playing game set of the world of Everwood. Here dozens of players from Baltic’s and other neighboring countries represent modern Role-Playing pop-culture. Together they image unique characters and put to the test all falsities of their destiny in the full of adventures world of Magic and Technomancy. Every time Baltic LARP Fest carries away with ample opportunities to interact with all participants revealing their hidden talents. You will ask - “How it goes?”. By imitation of life in medieval settlements. By playing an intrigues and diplomacy, trading and fights. And the most important thing - through fascinating communication, filled with the unique atmosphere of the annual Baltic LARP Fest!

Requirements for players

For correct player representation during the LARP game it’s necessary that character’s suit meets all of the stated role conditions and fantasy canons. It can vary from a self-made linen shirt, trousers and rusty chainmail, to magnificent noble clothes with shiny plated armor. Suit creation fully depends on players preferences and investment of time. Also one needs to take care of quality of suit attributes, household items and weaponry. On Baltic LARP Fest only soft factory or self-made weapons, which meet all safety and esthetic requirements, are used. In return organizers create infinite possibilities for players to plunge into the fantasy world atmosphere reigning through the game venue.

Facilities and stuff

All participants of the event have meal independently. In-game Tavern can feed players only if they get some game currency in their pockets. Economy and earnings principles during LARP game are not alien to the fantasy world too! Throughout the whole event you can get rest and sleep in your own tent which is located in the camp beyond a border of the game venue. Other facilities such as place for comfortable parking, bio toilet and drinking water supply are provided by event organizers.

Event organizers

Baltic LARP Fest is the project organized by role-playing games association "Lauretaur". The association began its activity in 2010 as an initiative team which started to represent pop-culture of role-playing in Lithuania. Now for more than 10 years "Lauretaur" engaged in role-playing development and promotion in society. The association considers priority in organization of non-commercial projects using donations of participants. Detailed information about "Lauretaur" can be found here.

Book of Legacy

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I. Prologue

Everwood is a magnificent and enchanting world with infinite green forests, mountains which are so high that clouds cover their white snowy peaks, crystal clear lakes, warm sun and a clear star sky. When you lay eyes upon this beautiful untouched place you will instantly fall in love with it forever. This world became a home for many different creatures and species that live in peace and harmony. It is dominated by more evolved races among which the most numerous one is the human race.

If you look around, flora here is quite diverse, although at a first glance it seems the difference is only between the type of trees in the forest - deciduous or coniferous, but it is not so. Under the branches of ancient trees, you may find spectacular plants, most of them have various delicious berries and fruits. The variety of wild animals would please any hunter. The crystal lakes look like they were carefully placed on the green landscape of Everwood by the Demiurges. They are filled with various fish and fishermen never come home empty handed. The water of lakes does not just give life to the world around. If you drink it, you will feel true pleasure!

All the creatures who live in Everwood deeply admire their beautiful land and try to live in harmony with it. Of course, most structures are made from the most common materials – wood and stone, but with the help of spell casters the woods regrow very fast. The settlements are spread very far apart from each other while traveling between them may take even months. This geographical situation leaves a big mark on differences of life styles and cultures between the settlements. This situation had its perks, because there were no serious conflicts. Of course, there were some, but they rarely led to bloodshed. Maybe this was because most settlements are leading by the Councils of Three Guilds, which are focused on development and protection of the settlements. The central organizations controlling all councils of every kingdom of Everwood are called High Council of Three Guilds and are located in the capitals of Everwood kingdoms.

Those who are serving to the Guilds are called Masters and they can be of any race. Becoming a master is only determined by the skills and wisdom. Also, some settlements are led by the Elders of higher status families. They don’t really make contact with their neighbours; they tend to be a closed society. The biggest difference of this kind of settlements is that they are built mostly on the ruins of an old mysterious civilization. They idolize and prey to the ancient artifacts that can be found in the lands of Everwood. Guilds on the other hand always condemn the people who praise the old artifacts and now they consider it heresy and forbid it.

The Council of Three Guilds is a cooperative organization which consists of three groups - Knights, Clerics and Wizards. The guild masters are willing to teach anyone who seeks knowledge and development. Developing in close collaboration over the centuries, many of the guild training areas have mixed and evolved, achieving incredible success. One example of this collaboration was the emergence of Alchemy, a science that allows the use of new methods of treatment with natural elixirs, to create new mineral compounds, and, also, according to rumors, prompted inventors to create mechanisms on a steam basis. Guilds also stepped forward exploring the remains of a civilization that once lived in Everwood. It was the Masters who first noticed the signs of poisonous emanations entering Everwood and noticed that it is somehow connected with ancient artifacts. At the same time, the consequences of contacts with these emanations were so terrible and numerous that they soon started calling it the Filth.

At the beginning the Filth made the forest animals aggressive. Entire broods of altered wolves, wild boars, bears and other animals attacked small settlements by killing and devouring their inhabitants. Even hunters were surprised that, for no apparent reason, the animals changed, turning into extremely bloodthirsty and ferocious monsters. Tracking down their lairs, the trackers constantly stumbled upon ancient ruins which were hiding dangerous artifacts in their depths, attracted, stupefied and distorted the natural appearance of forest animals, directing them with unknown power to attack.

Later, wizards discovered the first Black lakes. Any living thing which drank from them were infected with an unknown disease that could not be treated by any of the known methods. No matter how healthy and strong the infected person was, death somehow defeated him, but after some time the body that was buried returned to life. Driven by incomprehensible evil force and animal instincts, it attacked all living things with the sole intention - to kill…

Alas, at that time it was still impossible to assume that the hard times that so suddenly fell upon the lands of Everwood would be only the beginning in a series of extremely difficult trials that would not only change the whole world, but also give a start to a new calendar.

II. The First Episode

5 years since Contamination. Feliz kingdom, Ashmark province
When in my thoughts I return to the events that led us, the First Defenders, to this part of the world, comes the realization that even the most incredible assumptions about the Everwood heritage turned out to be true, which radically changed our perception of the entire universe. It is obvious that at the dawn of time these lands were marked by those who are gifted with great power to penetrate the borders of worlds. This was indicated by the remains of foreign structures that were covered in mysterious symbols. Monuments, sarcophagi and artifacts so ancient that no mortals, for thousands of years could understand and uncover their purpose. So, they would remain as legends, if not the events of the past years, which revealed to us their true nature and marked the beginning of a new era.

Now we can definitely say that the traces of the civilization that were buried in these lands, as well as the Filth, are only a small part of the dark and alien mind, which is still incomprehensible for us. And not wanting to wait anymore for the outcome, we decided to take the fate into our own hands. By calling all those who were ready to challenge such powerful forces, risking their own lives, unity was undoubtedly more important than ever…

Here, several years ago, on the border with the Gloomwood, as in many other parts of Everwood, the Supreme Council was forced to establish another fortified settlement, designed to separate the lands already affected by the Filth and to contain its further spread by learning and fighting its manifestations. In many other parts of Everwood, the result of desecration was the loss of communication with dozens and hundreds of settlements. They went missing or fled, hoping to find shelter and protection somewhere. In this regard, the settlement on the border with the Gloomwood became the centre where refugees and defenders from the nearest provinces have not yet been subjected to contamination.

Defenders – those who have vowed to serve peace and order, putting all their efforts to fight Filth. Arriving here, in a new settlement, the defenders tend to settle down, so the Guilds often become their first destination. Here they are met by experienced Masters who are ready to teach recruits the necessary skills for survival during the raids on the Gloomwood. All Masters are harsh, battle-hardened veterans strictly related to their service, especially appreciating discipline and subordination. Address the Masters with respect and you will receive their trust and even special tasks. Also, for a certain fee in the Guilds you can send mail, buy some supplies or even improve your combat equipment.

The second place worth visiting is the Tavern. There you can find the latest news, make first acquaintances, find groups going to the Gloomwood for exploration. It is worth being careful in choosing assistants, because not all of them are as brave as they say they are. But do not be shy to approach the local people, communicate and ask questions. They are quite friendly to the new fighters and often give them small assignments. The truth is, here no one will give a serious task until you prove yourself. Also, you should not brazenly ask “Do you have a quest?” Such questions cause only irritation and indignation, since dozens of new recruits come here, and no one wants to wipe everyone's behinds.

And, of course, those who wander through the Gloomy Forest that is full of dangers, climb into its most impassable windbreaks, may encounter the Forest hermit. According to some rumors, this mysterious old man was one of the First Defenders, who voluntarily decided to become a hermit and vowed to return to the settlement only when he learned the secret of the Filth. According to others, it was a strange, but promising alchemist who invented the elixir opposing the Filth, but the side effect of the elixir made him insane. Others claim that it is an illusion of those who breathed in the poisonous fumes of the Gloomy Forest and find these stories just a childish blabber. Alas, to find out whether it is true or is it a myth, you just have to find the old man yourself.

III. The Second Episode

9 years since Contamination. Feliz kingdom, Ashmark province

A lot of blood was spilled since the start of the Contamination in Everwood. The world and its inhabitants have changed. Beautiful green forest has become a thin shade of itself covered with ash. Hundreds of lakes that once sparkled and played in the light of the sun and moon with myriads of crystal drops now become dark pits on the surface. Many of the forests habitats either died either disappeared in dark filth woods. All who lived in forest begun shifting in something other. All their nature was transformed by earlier unknown but simple nature of the hosts, which were sleeping gathering power and irresistible hatred to Everwood’s magic and life.

I spent years looking on how the Filth was spreading and trying to find the sources of the infestation. I was hoping that, even if I won’t succeed, other sages will continue my researches and will find the source of evil. However, as it often is, this discovery was made not where and not by whom it was expected…

A new settlement, which was founded in Eshmark within the border with Dark Wood, first couple of years was controlling the gathering thread from the Filth. Many heroes from defenders died deeply in Dark Wood protecting the Eshmark borders, and these sacrifices wasn’t vain.

In 5-th year since Contamination the magic barrier has fallen, made by Kozima Pentacle. The Filth started to spread actively inside Eshmark and genius blacksmith Clavius Smith, with intel from defenders, was able to create a special equipment which interacted with the source of Towers glowing. Later it was called D.E.A.D. Also, he made a theory that if the Towers will stop glooming, they might turn of for millennium. Filth, which is around, most likely to disappear. Therefore, the biggest expedition into Dark Wood was organized, in which inquisitors of The One And Only, archers of Ashmark and some people from Orden of Dragon took part.

Expedition suffered heavy casualties achieved its goal: they found several Towers and even successfully shut down one, what temporally weakened the Filth in this region. Unfortunately, successful sabotages and death of many explorers stopped the expedition. Only a few survived and escaped into New Settlement, where they sent a note about founded solution. Sadly, the creator of D.E.A.D. disappeared after the exhibition and his equipment was stolen by filthed. Soon after D.E.A.D. theft all Towers and other monoliths across the Dark Wood started activating. Perhaps, D.E.A.D. was used to empower and spread the Filth.

When news spread, a lot of new defenders arrived. By the Bishops of The One And Only order, near New Settlement an Order of Saint Rodion camp was built, and Order of Dragon set up an Outpost by another side of the Dark Lake to control the supply lanes.

But Filth was not inactive. Waves of undead, guided by the Filth, one by one showed in Eshmark, trying to encircle the New Settlement yet didn’t succeed to defeat united defenders, which was defending the Supply Caravans delivering resources and food to the New Settlement. Thus, defenders were able to hold the border and proceed in studying the Filth.

Moreover, in the New Settlement was opened an official royal agency – Mulandir’s Bank & Post. Here you can not only send or receive the letters but also make a trade, get an information from Royal Register of Finds.

Speaking of filthed, some of them died a while ago and lost their initial appearance, flesh and mind. They are guided be foreign alien force, source of which are ancient artifacts. Getting rid of these creatures will be very challenging and is only possible if the certain magical bond will be severed. However, in addition to undead, some filthed are living yet constantly mutating creatures. They are always evolving and training their abilities, which they got when they joined the Filth, to havoc and annihilation. Here are most common types of filthed:

  • cadaver – undead, reanimated remains of a Defender, kept alive only to serve the Filth. Have basic intelligence yet very good combat reflexes. Moves quickly, sometimes rattle. Capable of concealing itself and creating an ambush. Sometimes use ranged weapons effectively. Recently started using Filth technologies and artifacts.
  • techno-mage – previously an Everwood’s wizard. Was filthed and continued progressing via understanding filthed artifacts. These artifacts, apparently, are empowering magic abilities drawing life essence instead;
  • servitor – inner-realm being. Secret Archive doesn’t have a lot of data about it. Probably, they are servants of an ancient race which, apparently, was living in Everwood many millenniums ago, and now woke up. Servitors were noticed doing something near the Towers. Servitor is dangerous because it’s weapon penetrate any armor and cannot be parried. But their moment speed isn’t great, which in rare cases can save a life.


Obituary is a book of the New Settlement where all whereabouts of defenders, who died fighting with Filth, missed in action or traitors. Some of them were from local provinces. Some were called for help or appointed from Guild but majority volunteered. Here is information during 1-3 years from Contamination:

  • Tomoe Edge – also known as Baroness De Vizo. One of the few elves was a part of First Defenders. Was appointed by Supreme Council of Filiz kingdom to organize the defense of this province from increasing threat of the Filth. She was the one who named the “Gloomwood” and created terms like “filthed zone” and “clean lands”, also organized the Secret Archive. Saved more than a dozen of locals from death. Organized and coordinated actions of the local militia who first engaged in devastating fights with the Filth. At 1 year from Contamination died in battle, sacrificing herself to let the militia escape. Legendary flamberge of the Baroness is an honorable relic stored at Knights Guild;
  • Bjorn Silverside – dwarf, one of the First Defenders. Supreme Councilor from mountain kingdom Kruff. Funded first Supply Caravans to help the refugees from Gloomwood. Helped a lot of families to resettle in the mountains. Organized stable post services with all other provinces. At 1 year from Contamination died in heroic fight while an attack on Caravan. Buried at Ashmarks cemetery where the Old route was;
  • Skulgur Skramax - orc, one of the First Defenders. Arrived in Ashmark during 2. year since Contamination from the neighboring province. Was appointed as Knights Guild’s Master. Organized search parties in the Gloomy Forest to find survivors or supplies. In the same year disappeared during one of these expeditions. Most likely dead;
  • Emilia Bloody – drow with a nickname “Black Lynx”. Was a local ranger and a Head of Clerics Guild. Was the first one who noticed the filthening and alerted the Supreme Council. Following Tomoe Edge orders helped in saving locals from the Filth. After Tomoe died was appointed as New Settlement’s Chief of Security. Later joined Skulgur Skaramax. Died at 2 year since Contamination when New Settlement was raided. Buried at Ashmarks cemetery where the Old route was;
  • Kozimo Pentacle – one of the cat folk, also known as “Black paw”. One of the First Defenders, Crow Darkword school’s disciple. Decided to sacrifice himself during the creation of the barrier to empower it. This reduced a number of successful barriers breakthroughs by lot. At 2 year from Contamination his remains were buried at Ashmarks cemetery near the Old route. Later with help of all New Settlement citizens a Chapel of Kozimo Pentacle was build on the cemetery, on one of the walls designed with cut out pentacle and his last words - “Feci quod potui, faciant meliora potentes”.

Here are notes about defenders 4-7 year from Contamination.

  • Marcus Wright — human, gained his title from viscount around 2nd year from Contamination. Several times restored New Settlement during 3rd year from Contamination. Former Head of Knights Guild, champion of Feliz and honorable citizen of New Settlement. Was seriously injured when the expedition into Dark Wood was going, therefore left Knights Guild Head’s post. Between 4 and 8 years from Contamination was in charge of New Settlement’s post agency. After Mulandir’s Bank & Post opened, he was transferred to another agency;
  • Hermesa Alchemista – human, perfect alchemist and second Master of the Cleric’s Guild from 4 to 6 years from Contamination. Was killed during New Settlement defense in 6 year form Contamination. Her body was buried in a local cemetery;
  • Clavius Smith – human, blacksmith and second Master of Knights Guild from 3 to 5 years from Contamination. Invented and created D.E.A.D. Wrote “Mechanicus Magicus” and co-writer of Royal Register of Finds. Disappeared in 5 year from Contamination.

Here is some information about defenders between 4-9 years from Contamination:

  • Conrad Lang – human, was a knight of Knights Guild from 4 to 5 years from Contamination. Died fiercely defending refugees and letting them escape. Was buried in a local cemetery;
  • Brother Sae Hurm – cat-human. Defender from 4 to 5 years from Contamination. Was filthed and become crazy. Then he was put on trial, killed and burnt;
  • Brother Findoll – high-elf, one of inquisitors. Formal defender from 4 to 5 years from Contamination. Was filthed, deserted and betrayed New Settlement. Died in battle.
  • Lord Adrian From Forewoods – human, knight and champion of Feliz. From 4 to 5 years from Contamination was a defender. In 5 year from Contamination was put in charge of expedition into Dark Wood by Master Slash. Showed his bravery in several intelligence operations. Was filthed but then somehow cured. In the battle near the Red Hill defeated several vendals and fought with servetor, letting the main forces to retreat. Was severely injured and still managed to get people back to the Settlement. Several months later, he disappeared during one of the defenses of New Settlement;
  • Brother Jafar – one of genie race, was a defender from 4 to 5 years from Contamination. Also was sabotaging both inquisitors and defenders. Was filthed and betrayed his own brothers during the expedition in 5 year from Contamination. Disappeared. Convicted in absentia and sentenced to death by hanging by the Guild Tribunal;
  • Valentine Unknown – human, was a defender from 4 to 5 years from Contamination. Being filthed, betrayed the defenders during the expedition in 5 year from Contamination. Disappeared. Convicted in absentia and sentenced to death by hanging by the Guild Tribunal;
  • Valkul Dimlite – human, was a defender from 4 to 5 years from Contamination. Was filthed and betrayed his own brothers during the expedition in 5 year from Contamination. Disappeared. Convicted in absentia and sentenced to death by hanging by Guild Tribunal;
  • Lia Shekelson – human, from 4 to 5 years was second Master of the Clerics Guild. Disappeared soon after expedition in Dark Wood;
  • Wilhelm Godwison – human, from 4 year from Contamination was a defender. Being filthed, betrayed the defenders and ran into Dark Wood. During expeditions was found as anker and buried;
  • Fenris Asgard – human, from 4 to 5 years from contamination was a defender and a commander of Ashmark’s squad of archers. Whole squad was affected by the Filth and betrayed the defenders. Accused in D.E.A.D. theft and suspected murdering Clavius Smith. Disappeared after the expedition. In absentia convicted, sentenced to torture on the rack and the death penalty by hanging by the Guild Tribunal.
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Book of Rules


Agreement is a set of rules for Baltic LARP Fest which every participant must follow. Arriving at the festival and transferring fixated amount of money if form of donation automatically means that participants signs to the agreement.

Object of the agreement – non-commercial, entertainment festival Baltic LARP fest which will be conducted on private venue “Balfest”.

Parties to the agreement:

  • organizers – members of “Lauretaur” association. Can be recognized outside of the game by wearing white t-shirt with “Lauretaur” logo;
  • participants – full legal aged and not Players, participating in Baltic LARP Fest event.

Responsibilities of the parties:

  • organizers are not responsible for all physical and psychological traumas, also including material destruction, caused to participants or third parties, if they are not participating in the event, caused by violation of the agreement;
  • organizers are not responsible for the actions of the participants, if they violate laws of the Lithuanian Republic;
  • organizers don’t have to invite to the event qualified medical professionals or store medications which are not included in the first aid kit. Thereby, every participant of the event must inform organizers if participant has any chronic deceases, including which actions should be taken to provide first aid;
  • organizers commit to give first aid if participants get minor injuries or gets bitten by mite and, if necessary, organize the transportation and escort to the nearest medical aid station;
  • participants are forbidden to store and use at the venue any small arms, traumatizing weapons and any pyrotechnic substances;
  • participants are forbidden during the event to store and consume alcoholic beverages, including any psychotropic and narcotic substances;
  • participants are forbidden to keep pets during the event;
  • non-fully legal aged participants are forbidden to be at the event if they are under 12 years old;
  • non-fully legal aged participants are forbidden to be at the event if they are between 12 and 18 years old without the original permission of their parents (or guardian). This form will be sent to the non-fully legal aged participant via email which was given in filled registration form;
  • participants from foreign countries must (non-EU citizens) have their medical insurance policy with them at the event;
  • invited participants must (photographers, operators, guests) present accreditation or invitation upon arrival. This form of accreditation or invitation includes the list of mandatory requirements and will be sent to the participant via email or post.

If the participant violates this agreement organizers have the right to ask participant to leave the venue, including calling the law enforcement, without rights to compensate the donation.


Baltic LARP Fest lasts 5 days. The main part of the festival is role-playing game in the original Everwood world lasting around 36 hours. Besides that, festival also includes educational and entertainment parts.

Detailed Schedule:

  • Wednesday – at the evening, starting from 18:00, opens the entrance to the venue and the event officially starts. Participants should park their cars on the dedicated spot and set up their tent. This evening is dedicated to rest after long travels and to socialize between all the arriving participants;
  • Thursday – during the day, from 10:00 to 16:00, all the arrived participants will get through confirmation (more details below). At the same time, all the participants can wear their costumes and participate in various workshops. At 17:00 will be the briefing (more details below). At 18:00 the game will officially start and last until 00:00. After that, the Truce (check 1.3 Venue) will be active until 06:00. Thursday’s game time is oriented for social interactions and immersion in the atmosphere of the game;
  • Friday – entire day is dedicated for the game until 00:00. From 00:00 to 06:00 the Truce will be active again;
  • Saturday – the last day if the game, lasts until approximate 18:00. After that will be debriefing and after-party (more details below);
  • Sunday – dedicated for participants and organizers to pack up and leave the venue.

Confirmation – mandatory part of the festival when all participants equipment will be evaluated during registration in the Elysium (check 1.3 Venue). After registration, the character will receive Traveler’s kit (check 2.3 Character).

Workshops – are parts of the event’s activities, dedicated to finish preparations to the game and exchange the experience. Workshops will take place in the main game area and have limited number of participants. That’s why upon registration participant must additionally reserve a place for specific workshop if participant wills to. Here are the types of workshops:

  • stage fencing practice – here participants can learn basics of battle improvisation and familiarize with combat rules;
  • basics of stage play – here participants can learn how to handle the emotions and keep role-playing in different situations;
  • basics of costume or equipment creation – here participants can learn basics on equipment creation and game attributes or finish their character’s equipment.

Briefing – happens when all the players gather in the main game area, where organizers will highlight key points of the event’s rules. At the end of the briefing every team will go to their own location, where they will get the introductory speech from their regional Master (check 2.1. Role-play).

Debriefing – happens when all the players gather in the main area, where organizers summarize all the events of the game and participants share their emotions, complains and wishes about the game. It will be possible to leave a written review for the organizers.

After-party – is dedicated for players to rest together after the game, includes the music.


Baltic LARP Fest will be held at the “Balfest” venue, located in 20 km from Trakai town (Lithuania). It is a plain area with hectares of dense forest and a lake, which is located at the venue. For participant’s convenience, the turn to the venue from the main road and the parking lot will be marked with bright flags.


Common terms:

  • Gaming venue – part of the event where the game will take place. Gaming venue does not include parking lot, camp, WCs and other modern buildings with their surrounding areas. Gaming venue’s borders will be marked on the player’s and master’s maps;
  • Camp – place to set up individual tents. Here will be the central bonfire. This place is dedicated for rest and sleep. Thus, it is forbidden to make noise here during Truce (more details below);
  • Truce – is a nighttime from 00:00 to 06:00. During that making a lot of noise and role-playing is allowed only at the gaming venue. All combat actions are prohibited during that time.


  • food – will be provided for the entire event at New Settlement’s Inn. First meal will be dinner at Wednesday evening, then every day both lunch and dinner will be provided, excluding Sunday. Lunch time ~12:00-14:00, Dinner ~ 20:00-22:00. Meals can be bought for in-game currency.;
  • bonfires – at camp and at every major game location will be arranged. Creating any other bonfires at the event’s location is highly prohibited;
  • water – pure drinking water will be available at the event in unlimited quantities;
  • garbage – all participants are responsible for keeping clean the camp and game locations. Such places will have garbage bags. Masters will coordinate the cleaning process. Burning the food waste and paper is encouraged;
  • necessities – bio toilets will be placed near the parking lot;
  • safety – in spite of COVID-19 pandemic and the requirements of Lithuanian Ministry of Health, participants may be obliged to wear individual protective masks. In that case, all the participants will be informed via email.


  • is a place which is located next to the camp and serves only as technical location;
  • is a place where all the participants go after arrival to the festival for registration or for reregistration if their character died;
  • is a place where the Main Master is usually located (he still can be absent there sometimes), who can help to quickly resolve very important issues or questions. There is Master’s first aid kit and here participants can get physical/mental help from Masters;
  • is a place from which periodically new characters be dispatched. Starting point for new characters is a point, which is away from any game location.


Role-play is a fundamental rule of the role-playing game and is a realization of Masters creative ideas. That’s why registering certain character from the set of roles, participant voluntarily agrees with main rule of role-playing game.

Main rule of role-playing game – role above all. It means, that playing selected role for the player should be on the first place, even higher than accumulating wealth or life of the character. This is how it should be shown:

  • in combat – player must show how heavy is two-handed weapon, how hard it is to swing it, even if the weapon player holds are not that heavy. That also includes role-playing effects from magic, pain from the wounds, falling when pushed and many other actions up to the very last breath of the character;
  • in social interactions – player must follow imagined principles of the character in any social interaction, thus creating unique behavior of the character and continuing to do so in next games if the character was transferred too.

Masters (more details below) are controlling how participants are role-playing, highlighting following issues, which are preventing participants from fully immerging in game and kicking back into reality all the others:

  • “meta-gaming” – talking as a player, not as character, including modern slang and curse words. Talking about things unrelated to the game also counts as that;
  • “munchkin-ing” – when the player abuses nuances of the game rules instead of following the game entities;
  • “power-play” – when player abuses the power and wants to benefit from that, such as killing other characters without reasons. Fights, which can cause traumas because participant hasn’t practiced role-playing enough, has insufficient knowledge of stage fencing and/or can’t control the force of each hit.


Not all masters organized the festival. However, all Masters are the judges of the game, and their remarks should be prioritized. Every Master will be introduced during briefing (check 1.2. Schedule). Masters can be recognized as following:

  • Main Master – main judge and organizer of the festival. Usually can be found in Elysium, oversees where the game goes and supports other Masters. In all conflicts Main Master’s decisions are decisive;
  • Game Master – organizer of the festival or invited participant, responsible for resolving issues, related to certain game object or location. Game Masters sometimes play role of temporary characters;
  • Master’s Sign – big sigil with BLF logo, strapped to the chest, with festival rules on the tape.

Interacting with Master or Temporary stopping role-playing – in order to do so, the player should rise both hands above their head and cross them, following with a phrase “STOP GAME!”. Any attempts to interact with Masters during the game will be ignored without that procedure.


Mandatory – bottles must be completely wrapped in cloth; food and snacks must be placed in cloth pouch; cigarettes must be replaced with tobacco pipe or the participants will be forced to smoke outside of the game venue; in the darkness inside the game venue participants must use only entourage light sources, including electric candles. The only exception is an emergency. Recommended – to use only natural clothes when creating a costume. You must think the costume through, starting from the boots and ending with hat. Don’t forget that costume should look awesome while being comfortable, since it will be used in the woods with different weather conditions. High shoes and interchangeable parts of costume can help You to feel more comfortable during the entire game. Don’t forget that characters are living in the World, which is on the edge of apocalypse. This means that costumes can’t be clean and ideal without traces of suffering or other damage. Forbidden to use obvious modern clothes elements and footwear. Any labels or brand logotypes and indications must be removed.


Mandatory – all types of armor and any other military equipment should be prepared following real or fantasy analogues. For instance, if You want to play a warrior role, You must have appropriate armor or You are not a warrior. You can use any material for Your costume since for role-playing game main criteria is accuracy and beauty. However, don’t forget about basic protection functions of armor. If the armor can’t protect from hits and dismantles upon touched – that is not an armor. Recommended – while preparing to the game to pay attention on how your race is distinguished from others according to other fantasy worlds or character archetypes. Forbidden – to wear unfinished armor. Not recessed rivets, not polished edges and other defects can be bad for You and other players, thus will not be allowed to be used in game by organizers. That also includes wearing armor, that does not suits chosen class, race, game world or fantasy canons, and might be a reason why character can’t choose a particular race.

Pre-game check-up

At the Baltic LARP Fest European LARP standards for equipment and entourage are followed. It means strictly evaluating every player’s preparation. All the questions about equipment must be resolved with organizers before the game via email. If the player’s equipment was rejected during registration, he can be transferred to play NPC role without refund.

Controlling the game

During the game in every major location Masters will be stationed as the oversee the role-playing process. If rules were violated, Masters will give the MUTE card with actions that player should take immediately in complete silence. Mute is individual and is not affecting others. If the mute was ignored or the player continues to violate the rules, he will be removed from the game and sent to Elysium upon investigation, while player’s character dies.


Game economy is based on coins. Main organizations, regulating economy in New Settlement are the Inn and Post Bank. For Filthed lands the Portal serves this function and a bunch of another. El – is the currency of the Everwood. In the game it is represented in 3 types of coins: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The exchange rates are: 5 Bronze = 1 Silver, 5 Silver = 1 Gold.

Ways to earn Els:

  • during registration every player will receive personal savings which equals 1 silver El. However, player can get more Els if the costume is exactly fitting the role of the character and/or is beautiful. Bonus part may be varied, but does not exceed 1 bronze El.;
  • if the character died and the player is registering a new character, player will receive personal savings once again. However, if the costume remains generally the same, personal savings will be reduced;
  • to get new savings player must present the Road Patent of the previous character. Without it, player will not receive any bonus sum of Els;
  • players can get rewarded by completing quests or gathering loot, getting more items;
  • players can freely trade and exchange valuable items.

Although food can be bought at the Inn for in-game currency, there is still possibility to obtain it in exchange of some deeds or quests.

Inn’s services:

  • create a listing on the Inn’s wall – 3 bronze Els;
  • water, tea or coffee – 1 bronze El;
  • beverages “Funny vagrant” (near beer), “Boozing Olaf” (kvass), “Everwood's ruby” (berry mocktail) - 2 bronze Els;
  • snack “Sandy hedgehog” (fried bread with cheese and salted nuts) - 3 bronze Els;
  • dish “Meat barbarian” (buckwheat porridge with chicken) and a beverage - 1 silver El;
  • dish “Blushing morph” (potatoes with pork and vegetables) and a beverage - 1 silver El;
  • vegetarian dish “Mushroomed elf” (buckwheat porridge with mushrooms) and a beverage - 1 silver El;
  • individual or group order – price depends on the order;
  • its possible that the menu in the event may vary.

Guild’s services:

  • at Knight’s Guild (at training grounds near it) all the Defenders can train their combat skills;
  • at Cleric’s Guild players can sell and buy consumables (check 3.2. Alchemy) – 3-10 bronze Els;
  • at Wizard’s Guild players (check 3.2. Alchemy) – 4-10 silver Els;
  • all Guilds are the most common way to get an assignment or a quest.

Post Bank’s services:

  • identification of the artifacts and quest items (items with corresponding mark) – 2 bronze Els;
  • sending a letter from the frontline– 2 bronze Els;
  • storing equipment – negotiable;
  • scribe’s services. Writing letters as dictated or filing formal requests – 2-3 bronze Els;
  • chest which stores game items. If the character doesn’t retrieve items when the paid time ends, fees will start to grow proportionally to the overdue time. These items can also be bequeathed to other character. The list of items will be included. Quest items cannot be stored or bequeathed. Price is negotiable.;
  • buyout schematics and artifacts (check 3.3. Technomancy) for further investigation in High Council;
  • Archive services. Access to all Secret Archive data and all other up-to-date information under Bank’s protection – 3 bronze Els;
  • enrollment in Caravan guards – salary 3-5 bronze Els.


Caravan between New Settlement and Guard post is being organized by Post Bank Mulandir. Goal of the caravan is to deliver post and supplies from central region to provinces through Guard post and back. Caravan is moving via the only route between “clean” lands and New Settlement. That is why the route is dangerous. Before departure Caravan is hiring additional guards from Defenders. Caravan departs several times per day, each departure time will be announced one hour in advance at Bank’s wall. Before the very departure will be a roll call. Caravan also serves as important game mechanic to introduce new characters to the game. It is necessary that introducing new character be tied to the plot. This is how it is done:

  • Master, located at Elysium, gathers players that tied their characters together and leads them to the border of gaming venue;
  • from this point, characters are already in game and Master is their local guide;
  • first check-point is the Guard post. This is the place where Master (local guide) leaves the group. The characters now can negotiate the accompaniment to the New Settlement or wait for Caravan to arrive, this way going to the New Settlement under its protection.

Portal’s services:

  • identification of the artifacts and quest items (items with corresponding mark);
  • contact with the coordinator giving tasks and assignments from Filth itself (check. 3.3. Technomancy);
  • organizing meals for the filthed.


Traveler’s kit

During registration the participant will receive Access Bracelet, showing that participant successfully passed the registration. Participant will also get Road Patent (more details below) and personal savings (check 2.2 Economy).

Road Patent – game item, inalienable from the character, where is stated name and surname of the character, citizenship, which Guild is he belonging to and abilities that character learned. Road Patent can be requested to investigate the personality by Guild Masters or other representatives of game communes, if they have rights to do so.


Torture - Torturer informs the Victim of whenever he will be inflicting wounds or crippling him. The Victim can decide when and what information victim will provide in return of sparing his body parts – that must be role-played.

Search – Victim must handle over all alienable game items (Els, quest items, consumables, supplies). Personal equipment may be taken ony with owners approval.

Captivity – action, when hands of the character will be tied “in-game” with rope, which can be “cut” only with allowed game weapons.

Character Development

There are three major Guilds in EverwoodKnight’s, Cleric’s and Wizard’s. Every player must choose the Guild their character will belong to. During the entire game character can grow via getting Ranks in their Guild. At each Rank character can learn one new ability of the achieved Rank. This allows to create unique characters. Changing the Guild is possible but Ranks do not transfer, meaning character will have to start over. To upgrade the Rank character must collect Everwood’s Runestones. Everwood’s Runestones are valuable combat trophy and are given if show outstanding results on trainings or successfully completing the special quest. All the gathered Runestones are inalienable game objects thus remain with the character even during Search, however if the character died, player must give all Runestones to the Master. When character gets enough Runestones, he can request to get new Rank at their Guild in exchange for Runestones. For example, getting second Rank requires 2 Runestones, while to get fifth Rank – 5 Runestones.

Some terminology from Rank tables:

  • *heavy armor – item, necessary to use an ability (for more details check. 3.1. Equipment)
  • *recipe – one of the supplies. Other supplies are: bandage, power-up and schematics (for more details check. 3.2. Alchemy, 3.3. Technomancy)
  • *Wound – effect of hitting the opponent (for more details check. 3.1. Equipment)
  • *Elixir – creatable disposable item (for more details check. 3.2. Alchemy)
  • *First phase of filthening – beginning stage of Filth (for more details check. 3.3. Technomancy)
  • *Mysticism – ability, allowing to create unique abilities (for more details check. 3.2. Alchemy)

Knight Abilities

Stun (one-handed weapon)
hitting target’s shoulder with pommel and saying "STUN!" stuns the target for 5 minutes
I Rank
Durability (*heavy armor)
once per day, armor consumes one Wound, received from any weapon
Adrenalin (*power-up)
once per day, consuming the power-up will allow to delay the effect from each Wound for 5 minutes after the hit, in a next battle
II Rank
Endurance (helmet)
once per day, puted helmet absorbs one Wound received from any weapon
Discipline (one-handed weapon)
once per day, pain from Wound allows to cast any already casted ability
III Rank
Training (two-handed weapon)
once per day, training with weapon for 5 minutes allows to cast any already casted ability
Excellence (shield)
once per day, witheld shield consumes one Wound received from any weapon
IV Rank
Precision (one-handed weapon)
once per day, saying “BACKSTAB!” and a piercing strike in unarmored back of the opponent inflicts Lethal wound ignoring all abilities
Duel (heavy armor)
once per day, opponent can be called out for a duel If You win the duel or opponent rejects, each ally in Your group can cast one already casted ability
V Rank
Possibility to learn unique abilities

Cleric Abilities

Bandage (*bandage)
applying a bandage heals target’s one Wound in 5 minutes
I Rank
Mobility (light armor)
once per day, armor consumes one Wound, received from any weapon
Cure (bandage)
once per day, applying a bandage heals all target’s Wounds in 5 minutes
II Rank
Heal (power-up)
once per day, using a power-up and conducting a corresponding ritual for 5 minutes allows to heal one Wound for all characters in 5 m radius
Inspiration (power-up)
once per day, using a power-up and conducting a corresponding ritual for 5 minutes allows any character in 5 m radius to cast one already casted ability of lower or same Rank
III Rank
Prescription (recipe)
once per day, following the recipe and doing necessary actions for 5 minutes creates an Elixir
Resurrection (recipe)
once per day, using a recipe allows to resurrect target in 5 minutes
IV Rank
Possibility to learn unique abilities
V Rank
Focus (power-up)
once per day, using a power-up and conducting a corresponding ritual for 5 minutes allows any character in 5 m radius to negate the next Wound
Rehabilitation (power-up)
once per day, using a power-up and a corresponding ritual for 5 minutes allows to heal all Wounds for all characters in 5 m radius

Wizard Abilities

Fireball. Combat magic (magical attribute & mantle)
once per day, hitting the opponent with fireball and saying “FIREBALL!” inflicts Wound. Ignores shields
I Rank
Constitution (mantle)
once per day, mantle consumes one Wound from any weapon
Dodge (light armor)
once per day, armor consumes one Wound from any weapon
II Rank
Purification (bandage)
once per day, applying the bandage cleanses target from *First phase of filthing in 5 minutes
Paralysis. Combat magic (magical attribute & mantle)
once per day, hitting the opponent with paralysis ball and saying “PARALYZE!” paralyses target for 5 minutes. Ignores shields
III Rank
Possibility to learn unique abilities
IV Rank
*Mysticism (power-up)
once per day, allows to develop an experimental unique ability
Conversion (mantle)
once per day, mantle can consume Wound from any weapon while also refreshing all casted abilities of lower Rank
V Rank
Cauterize (power-up)
once per day, consuming the power-up will allow to delay the effect from each Wound for 5 minutes after the hit, in a next battle
Attribute (magical attribute)
once per day, owning a magical attribute allows to cast last casted ability of lower Rank


Every type of item in equipment has its own standards and requirements. All items denied by organizers must be left in Elysium. If a player found to carry denied equipment during the game, that equipment will be taken, player will be removed from the game and character will die.

Weapon requirements:

  • acceptable if weapons were manufactured somewhere or done by player, if they are covered with latex, look aesthetical and are softened entirely;
  • acceptable if two-handed weapon is no longer that 2 m fully softened (including shaft);
  • acceptable if throwing weapons are done from light, elastic and soft material, covered with latex and doesn’t have solid base;
  • acceptable only if bows and crossbows (of any kind) do not exceed 24 lbs. of pull force;
  • acceptable only if arrow’s humanizers are bigger than human’s eye;
  • acceptable if shields have soft outer surface and edges. Shields from other sports will not be accepted.

Weapon types:

  • one-handed weapon – upon hit inflicts Wound. Any throwing weapon is considered one-handed;
  • two-handed weapon – upon hit inflicts Wound. Any weapon exceeding owner’s length from the toes to the chest is considered two-handed. All bows and crossbows are also two-handed weapons;
  • techno-magic weapons – upon hit inflicts Wound. Can be two-handed and one-handed (check 3.3 Technomancy);
  • combat magic – upon hit inflicts Wound while ignoring shields or weapons on its way. Used only with Magical attribute and mantle. Magical attribute — is a magical staff, grimoire, prayer book, which should always be in character hands who walks the path of the combat magic. Combat magic (for example, “Fireball”) is imitated by bright red soft ball with tail;

Armor requirements:

  • doesn’t matter from which material armor is made of, as long as it can withstand hits and looks aesthetical;
  • if one necessary part of armor is missing or took off, armor class immediately lowers or dismisses;
  • underarmor for torso (doesn’t matter how thick is) is a recommended item for an armor/equates to the light armor only with analogical body coating;
  • underhelmet (doesn’t matter how thick is) is a recommended item for a helmet;
  • helmet (or any other head armor) must protect upper part of the head. Shield protects from “Stun” ability. It is mandatory to wear a helmet when using a shield.

Types of armor:

  • light armor: must protect torso from the front, hands from the elbows to the hands and legs from the knees to the foot;
  • heavy armor: must protect torso from front and back, shoulders, hands from the shoulders to the hands and legs from waistband to the foot.

Mantle – is a long (under knee) outwear usually monotone vestment. Can have a hood. Mantle can use some armor parts for decorative purpose but will not count as armor. Wearing mantle on top of the armor is forbidden.

Off Limits Targets and valid strikes:

  • entire body is counted for valid strike excluding head, neck and groin. Hitting these areas is forbidden and leads to the Death of the attacker;
  • if the opponent is not defending – all hits should be shown as light weapon touches;
  • player who doesn’t want to fight can raise unarmed hands and declare the surrender saying “SURRENDER!”, thus showing the opponent no will to fight;
  • the strike will be counted only if it was done with right part of the weapon with full amplitude only;
  • capturing blades, hands or legs, kicking the shield with legs and any other martial arts are forbidden unless both sides agreed to use them before the fight.

Wounds – wounds differentiate by the severity and must be role-played like so:

  • Light wound: No movement restrictions. Periodical pain.
  • Heavy wound (a.k.a. "Just a scratch"): Cannot run. Groans and disability of leg (player choose which).
  • Lethal wound: Falls on the ground in agony, screams of pain. Disability of arm and legs.

Wound infliction by armor:

Type of wound Lethal wound Heavy wound Light wound No armor 1st hit Light armor 2nd hit 1st hit Heavy armor 3rd hit 2nd hit 1st hit


In case of being lethally wounded character painfully dies during next 10 minutes without proper help. During that time the character can: crawl while asking for aid, drink the healing potion, use healing abilities; suicide. Other characters can finish him off by touching with weapon and saying “REST IN PEACE!“. “The corpse” must stay at the place of death for 10 minutes, unable to talk or move. It is allowed to search this character (check 2.3. Character). In case of Search “the corpse” must give away all game valuable items. Then “the corpse” must head for Elysium while showing any passerby sign Out of role (check 2.1. Role-play).

In case if non-filthed character dies in the Gloomwood, character (at his own discretion) will be reanimated by the Filth in cadaver (check Book of Legacy and 3.3. Technomancy). In that case he must remain in this form upon final death (but not longer than 30 minutes).

Overseeing the rules

In case of obvious violation of rules, any participant can warn their partner or opponent, however in case of repeated violation it is advised to inform Master. Masters are very strict about following the rules and keeping combat actions save, therefore no one will be prejudged, no matter which player or the character is misbehaving.



  • game alchemy – is a combination of mixing components and witchcraft. For successful role-play containers to mix the components are required;
  • because mixing components will be possible in the field where is no sturdy surfaces or lab equipment, it is recommended to use plastic containers to avoid injuries and fractured glass;
  • drinking a potion can be imitated by spilling the potion on the ground and saying “USED!”.


  • supplies for one-time use can be found in the Gloomwood or can be purchased in Cleric’s Guild, multi-use supplies can only be found in Gloomwood;
  • bandage – one-time supply for healing. Bandage is considered used if the sign was detached. Must be discarded after healing process ends;
  • power-up – one-time supply looking like a small scroll needed for several abilities. Is considered used if the sign was detached. Must be discarded after use of skill;
  • recipe – multi-use supply containing instructions for creation of certain potion or using an ability;
  • schematic – multi-use supply (check. 3.3. Technomancy).
  • Reagents:
  • Belomedus milkus – white liquid with sour smell. Can be purchased in Cleric’s Guild;
  • Mertorotus aceticus – colorless liquid with tang. Can be purchased in Cleric’s Guild;
  • Viparkus ashus – gray powder, smells like smoke. Can be distilled from monsters of Gloomwood;
  • Bladanus syrupus – viscous liquid with vinous color, smells like berries. Can be purchased in Cleric’s Guild;
  • Rastitelnus butterus – viscous yellow butter with light seed’s aroma. Can be purchased in Cleric’s Guild;
  • Krasilnus powderus – red powder with sweet smell. Can be distilled from monsters of Gloomwood;
  • Marblum wyrmus – marble worm with acid green glands. Can be found in Gloomwood. Lives on poison plants;
  • Bronum fungus – brown mushroom without smell. Can be found in Gloomwood. Grows on old pine and spruce;
  • Ferum berryus – wild yellow berry without smell. Can be found in Gloomwood. Grows on green trees and bushes.


  • Bronuaceticum Viparkus – immediately heals one Wound;
  • Marblubutterum Bladanus – immediately heals all Wounds;
  • Fungashum Rastitelnus – allows to cast any already casted ability;
  • Ferubelomedum Powderusyrupus – resets the cooldown for used abilities up to 3 Rank (including);
  • Mertorotumilkum Wyrmukrasilnus – experimental potion which can neutralize Second phase of filthening (allowed to used only under Master’s supervision).


  • wizard’s ability “Mysticism” allows to create unique abilities;
  • unique ability – ability that requires VI rank of character and a certification in Road Patent;
  • to use “Mysticism” wizard need to use a power-up;
  • treatise must be written on scroll with paintings showing magical changes and followed by description of these changes in text. Treatise must include: name of the ability, requirement for equipment and/or supply, effect of the ability;
  • unique ability must require one of the following: necessary equipment or supply;
  • when the unique ability was developed and written, it must be presented to the Head of Wizard’s Guild, who can give patent to use this ability.


  • allows to use unique ability and teach others (inalienable. May be taken only if was recalled);
  • upon receiving treatise Wizards Guild sends it to the capital to be approved in High Council (sends it to Main Master) and if was accepted, calls a wizard to give the patent to the creator;
  • patent consist of two copies, one stored in Wizard’s Guild, another one is given to the creator;
  • patent must be signed by the Head of Wizard’s Guild;
  • wizard, who owns a patent, can be a teacher and teach others by Teacher-pupil system.


  • any wizard, owning a unique ability, can become a teacher;
  • to choose a teacher, pupil must go to Wizard’s Guild, choose the unique ability pupil wants to learn, find out who created it and negotiate it;
  • teacher decides how hard and long the teaching process will be, minimum is 6 hours (in total);
  • after teaching, both teacher and pupil must go in Wizard’s Guild where they confirm that course was finished and disciple will get a certificate for Road Patent;
  • in certain scenarios patent can be recalled by High Council. Then it will be announced in New Settlement and everyone who is using it and didn’t gave in the certificates and patents will be considered outlaw.



  • technomancy – is a mix of filthed technologies and witchcraft allowing to use techno-magic artifacts;
  • to gain access to technomancy the character must go through 3-rd phase of filthening (more details below) and become a Filth Disciple (more detail below) of the same Rank which character was prior to filthening. This way character loses access to old abilities while gaining new;
  • artifacts – various techno-magic equipment required to be activated with crystal;
  • crystal – part that accumulates Filth, powers and corrupts any artifact. Touching crystal without special protection equipment immediately infects with First phase of filthening;
  • schematics – multi-use supply which describes how to activate certain artifact;
  • Portal – place where Filth guide is summoned when giving information and orders to the technopriests;
  • Technopriests – most powerfull Filth disciples of highest Ranks.

Filthening process:

  • filthening – is a permanent, alien and dangerous influence of Filth on the minds who contacted it;
  • first phase. Physically indistinguishable. Mental changes – character is hearing hallucinations (once per hour). More aggressive and disturbing behavior. Character feels need to keep hidden the fact that character was infected. Mental resistance. Every 3 hours must consult Master to correct the actions. Can be stopped if targeted with “Purification” (check 2.3. Character);
  • second phase. Physically indistinguishable. Mental changes – more frequent hearing hallucinations, added by visual hallucinations (three times per hour). Very aggressive. Irresistible need to keep hidden the fact of the infection. Can be mind controlled frequently. Once per hour must consult Master to correct the actions. Possible to cure the infection – potion Mertorotumilkum Wyrmukrasilnus (check 3.2. Alchemy).
  • third phase. Last stop. Physical changes – black triangles where player’s eyes are at base of the triangle and black lips. Fully mind controlled. Must periodically consult with technocrat(s) for instructions. Impossible to cure.
  • advancement to the next stage of filthening is every 6 hours. Meaning that without cure in 12 hours since infection commence advancement to the third phase with full mind control.

Terminology for table of Rank:

  • *crystal adaptation – requires to have a crystal installed to the object which is necessary for certain ability;
  • *cadaver – reanimated corpse, servant. On whole body the summoner should draw big gray green circles. More details about cadaver are in Book of Legacy.


Ability to carry an artifact
I Rank
Symbiosis (any armor)
once per day, armor absorbs one wound from any weapon while also restoring one wound
Symbiogenesis (mantle)
once per day, mantle absorbs one Wound from any weapon, also refreshes another used ability;
II Rank
Impulse. Combat magic (magical attribute)
once per day, aiming at target in 5 m radius and saying “IMPULS!” knocks the target on the ground
Stasis (any armor)
once per day, wearing armor and stabilizing himself for 5 minutes allows to cure one wound
III Rank
Technomancy (schematics)
once per day, following the schematics and conducting all necessary action
Necromancy (mantle)
once per day, after 5-minute-long procedure allows
IV Rank - Technopriests
Automation (technomagic weapon)
once per day, infliction wound on opponent allows to refresh all abilities of lower rank
Reload (technomagic weapon)
once per day, weapon training for 5 minutes allows the effect of the wounds to come 5 minutes later then hit
V Rank - Technopriests
Reactivation (any armor)
once per day, wearing the armor and reactivating it for 5 minutes allows to reactivate into Heavy wound state
Binary (any armor)
once per day, finishing off the opponent allows to cure all wounds

Gloomwood properties:

  • Gloomwood is a filthed zone. It means that any object, any creature or flora are most likely affected by Filth. This is why everyone should be cautious about all objects from Gloomwood. Gloomwood is a dangerous place because of toxic vapor;
  • toxic vapor – the essence of Filth that corrupted the air of the forest. Filthed are not affected but everyone else can be affected! When entering Gloomwood non-filthed it is necessary to wear protection for inhalation – masks, cloth, covering bottom part of the face and so on. Adventurers receive a Wound every 5 seconds from vapor poison if in radius of 10 steps there are more than 5 people. (ATTENTION! Necessity to wear masks everywhere during the whole game can be enforced by special rules according to COVID-19 pandemic and requirements of Lithuanian Ministry of Health. Type of mask should be chosen according to the world (if not stated otherwise). Mask can be removed only when eating or being alone. Ignoring this rule can result in player’s removal from the game. This rule will be active only if large events will get special restrictions).
  • Pillars – remains of ancient monuments which are dispersing Filth. Active if crystals are inserted. Every Pillar has a defensive anomaly around it. Pillars periodically create some emissions, thus expanding the area of the Filth;
  • anomaly – new and very dangerous effect of the Pillars. Affects every living being in 10 m radius immediately inflicting Fatal wound. Technopriests and all types of necrotechs are not affected (check Book of Legacy). Radius of an anomaly will be marked with bright color on the ground;
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Photo Gallery

List of Roles

Settlers of the New Settlement

Small shopkeepers, Bank attendants, refugees, fishermen and others.

Vacancies taken:

Defenders of the New Settlement

Feliz army vanguard, Eshmark militia, veterans, inquisitors.

Vacancies taken:

Hospital of the Immortalists

Order of religious fanatics.

Vacancies taken:

Dragon Sentry Outpost

Military camp which holds supply routes of the New Settlement.

Vacancies taken:

Disciples of Filth

Fallen settlers of Eshmark and filthed defenders.

Vacancies taken:

NPC support team

(They receive instructions from GMs)

Guild Masters, Tavern Кeeper, Technocrat, Сreatures of the Gloomwood

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